What Are The Different Types Of Kitchen Knives?

different types of knifes

If you are someone who spends some amount of time answering The Kitchen Calls, then you will understand the importance of having a good knife while cooking food. Having the right blade to chop, mince or slice the food is not just to make things easy in the kitchen but also so that you do not have any cuts. This post explains in detail the changing trends and growth of the knife market. Now let us check the different types of knives you should use, and with reports of growing market for these knives, it is good to know what these can be useful for in your kitchen.

You may be a chef or someone who loves to have healthy food at home you will have at least a couple of knives in your kitchen to serve different purposes. Listed below are different types of kitchen knives and their use.

Utility knife: This is one tool most kitchens will have handy as it serves many purposes. It is useful to cut meat and vegetables. Poultry carving, meat, chopping vegetables, and fruits are much more comfortable using this knife than using the chef’s knife. Another advantage of this tool is that its edge is rough which makes it flexible as well as easy to cut soft vegetables like a tomato as well as something hard like the pumpkin. Greens like cabbage, spinach can be roughly chopped using this knife.

Chef’s knife: It is thought as one of the most critical items in a cook’s toolkit. The blade of this tool is very broad and is pointed towards the end and can be as long as 6 to 12 inches in length. Depending on how large your hands are you can choose between a shorter one and a longer knife. These knives are mostly saw-toothed, but there are a few who are serrated too. It can be used to slice, dice or chop meat and vegetables.

Boning knife: If you are a meat lover then this is a must have in your kitchen. It is used to separate meat and bone and also to cop meat. It can also be used to peel and trim vegetables. They are of 3 to 8 inches long and come in varying widths with different types of blades. This blades which are stiff is the most popular and commonly found knives you will find in the kitchen; they can also come in semi-flexible and flexible blade varieties too.

Cleaner knife: A heavy knife with a solid blade which can cut through both types of meat as well as bones in one single motion. It is useful when you have to cut something which has a hard exterior like the pumpkin or a watermelon. Due to the heavy blade, it can aid in smashing garlic, disintegrate fish, meat or poultry.

Fillet knife: Similar to the boning knife with a few differences. The boning knife is sturdy and can cut through meat and bone whereas this knife is used to slice fish. The blades are thin, flexible and long. These are useful for uncomplicated cooking at home.

Know Some Fantastic Kitchen Ideas

When it comes to some of the creative ideas for modifying the kitchen, the popular St. Charles of New York comes to mind for most American homeowners. His ideas on kitchen making are purely determined by the lifestyle and the needs of his clients. With a vast experience in the area of home developments, this professional kitchen designer Karen Williams asserts a fact that one should not follow the trends but should go along with things one loves.

As explained by this designer, no two days have even been the same, and this rule also applies when designing home kitchens. Some of her recommendations are listed here for the sake of the homeowners who are either building their new homes or remodeling their existing homes. Read these valuable tips in order to create a different kitchen that can stand the test of time.

Using the backsplash marble running behind all the kitchen cabinets offers a unique look for the entire kitchen. Though it is tough to install, this addition can bring a new ‘wow ‘factor in attracting everyone. Undoubtedly, this customized approach can get an additional value to the home. Hoods too make a great change while designing a new kitchen. With the combination of polished or satin finish metals hoods offers a new dimension to the large kitchens.

The aspect of lighting is more often ignored by many. Offering to light beneath the exotic stone slabs forms a different feel to the kitchen users. One can also use a dimmer to control the light intensity. While you may want the brightest possible lighting when you are preparing a meal, this can be a little harsh if you want to enjoy a relaxing family dinner or a romantic meal. Fortunately, your kitchen design ideas don’t have to be just one or the other. By installing a dimmer, you can turn up the lighting for prep and cooking and turn it down for a sophisticated and mellow dining experience.

When it comes to cabinet materials, this should be your lost option as more often cabinetries take away the beauty of the kitchen as they hide many elements. According to the experts, using a metal or mirrored finish are recommended over the traditional wood finishes as these elements will bring a new glamour to the kitchen.

Making an affordable kitchen design involves lots of inputs combined with creativity. All the above-stated ideas as shared by Karen Williams are only a guideline for the homeowners. It is up to the homeowner to use his or her wisdom to bring new ideas without altering the basic functionality of the kitchen. Kitchen rooms are not more exclusive places for processing the food we eat daily.

A well-designed kitchen offers additional value to the entire home as well a place that determines the overall health of the family members. A modern kitchen takes care of all these factors into consideration besides providing a comfortable room for the homemakers. More importantly, these well-designed kitchen rooms enhance the efficiency and increase the overall productivity of the homemakers or even the professional cooks.